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Real estate in England

How real estate in England attracts foreigners? For many foreign investors real estate in England is reliable in the first place and already a conventional way of investing free funds. Despite the fact that the value of realty in the country is not from the most affordable and its refund - not the fastest the British market is truly considered as the so-called “safe haven”. It helps to protect the capital against inflation and crisis and to increase the welfare and income of owners. Benefits of having real estate in England Home buying in the England is interesting for those, who wish to r... « More »

Real estate in Indonesia

Real Estate in Indonesia - a dream that is easy to become a reality All that you can only dream of on holiday can be found in Indonesia. There is a lot to see - virgin nature, excellent sandy beaches, transparent ocean waters and magnificent palaces of Indonesia... Of course, in order to fully enter into the spirit of this country, a couple of weeks are unlikely to be enough. But those who own a real estate in Indonesia can enjoy all this magnificence at any time of the year - all they need is to buy a plane ticket! Of course, the flight is long, but an own apartment, a house or a small bungalow on the coas... « More »

Real estate on the Canary Islands

Real estate on the Canary Islands - a worthy choice for a profitable investment Spain can be proud of its many islands, which attract crowds of foreign tourists from around the world. Among the most popular - the Canary Islands. Real estate on the Canary Islands - a worthy choice for a profitable investment in Spanish real estate. Real estate on the Canary Islands, an overview Most of the islands have a mild climate with an average temperature in the winter of 22 degrees, in the summer of 27, and the average water temperature in winter 18 and in the summer 22 degrees. All the islands are connected by ... « More »

Real estate in China

How real estate in China attracts foreigners? Real estate in China - one of the most attractive segments of the global market. And this popular investment (namely the investment in commercial facilities and housing in China) is easy to explain. Firstly, it is a stable, ever-growing Chinese economy, which even the global financial crisis has had no effect. And secondly, the constantly growing prices and rents of properties in major cities in China, with which the local authorities are struggling to cope for several years. Buying real estate in China as a home or as an investment The real estate market ... « More »

Real estate in Poland

Real estate in Poland - great prospects for the business In recent years, real estate in Poland is of great interest both for large and for small investors from abroad. It is very easy to explain such popularity of the market of this European country. Firstly, Poland - a country with a relatively high standards of living, economic development and huge opportunities for successful business. And secondly, you can buy property here from the owner and directly from the builder – the good thing is that currently there is an active new construction in many Polish cities. Buying real estate in Poland as a... « More »

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