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Buy real estate in Croatia Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations since the end of the last century. Today real estate in Croatia attracts not only lovers of a perfect holiday on the Adriatic coast, but investors seeking profitable tools for long-term and highly profitable investments. After all, Croatia - a member country of the European Union, which has a rather high standard of living and well-developed and stable economy. Real estate in Croatia - by the sea or in the mountains? In Croatia, despite the relatively small area, have several types of climate. In northern Croatia prevai... « More »

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Are you interested in real estate in Turkey as an investment? As is known, over the years of the crisis the decline in prices of real estate in Turkey was not as rapid as in some other countries of the Mediterranean region. But despite this, the local market is not losing popularity among those who have long dreamed of a house on the sea or have searched for long-term investment tools. After all, the stability of the market is the guarantee that the property owners have properly invested their free capital in order to protect it from inflation. Real estate in Turkey is increasing its price - your income ... « More »

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Real estate in the Czech Republic as a summer residence, a home or for business? For some people real estate in the Czech Republic is a proven way to protect their free financial resources from inflation or crisis. Others, year after year, choose to spend their holidays in the healing mineral waters of this country and acquire lodging in Karlovy Vary and Teplice. Still others are seeking a high standard of living in Prague and prefer to move to the Czech Republic, because of the proximity of our cultures and languages. Each of them quickly and easily finds the local property market they prefer. Real esta... « More »

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Real estate in Uzbekistan - more than just an attractive market The favorable business climate in Uzbekistan is attracting more foreign investors to the market of this Asian country. Of course, the greatest amount of investment is invested in real estate in Uzbekistan. And there is a very simple explanation for this - the amount of high-quality proposals for major cities, particularly housing in the capital is very limited. And thanks to the fact that the local market has recently become open to foreigners, more and more investors are investing not only in already finished sites, but also in the land suitab... « More »

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