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Real estate in Mexico

Who is attracted by real estate in Mexico? If you are an exotic lover and prefer to spend your holidays annually on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, so you do not need the representation of this colorful country of contrasts, the ancient and still a mysterious Mexico. And maybe you are even one of those who already own real estate in Mexico? After all, in recent years on the local market are entering not only wealthy investors looking for new opportunities for long-term investments, but also the so-called private buyers of vacation homes in Mexico. Real estate in Mexico on the sea Currently, o... « More »

Real estate in Costa de Almeria

Real estate in Costa de Almeria - interesting for investment Costa de Almeria - popular Spanish coast on the Mediterranean Sea located in the south part of the country. The coast stretches for 200 km and is famous for its white sandy beaches interspersed with beautiful rock formations. Real estate in Costa de Almeria is interesting for investment, as this is the prestigious Spain, with its rich culture and history. The standard of living in this medieval state is decent, and the prices on almost everything are available. Real estate in Costa de Almeria, the pros Sunny days on the coast during the year... « More »

Real estate in Portugal

It's time to buy real estate in Portugal Many lovers of excellent beach holidays primarily associate Portugal with the Algarve. Before the crisis, real estate in Portugal, and, of course, in the Algarve, was affordable only to the wealthy Englishmen.  Now apartments in this resort are affordable to many of us. During the years of the crisis the housing market of this sunny country reached the bottom, but now the prices are rapidly increasing. Therefore, now is the perfect time for buying property in Portugal. There is nothing easier than buying real estate in Portugal In many European countri... « More »

Real estate in Korea

Real estate in Korea: the rise in prices, the growth in demand Over the past few years, the demand for real estate in Korea from foreign buyers has increased dramatically. The prices in the local market are also steadily increasing. But the popularity of the local housing market is not only due to a steady rise in property prices, but also to a state level of the control over the real estate segment in the country. And this, in turn, practically eliminates the dramatic increase in the cost of housing in Korea, as well as eventual emergence of a market bubble. Real estate in Korea: investing in holiday ho... « More »

Rentals in Portugal

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