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Real estate in the Philippines

How real estate in the Philippines attracts foreign investors? Philippines include more than seven thousand islands, which are part of the Malay Archipelago. The favorable mild climate, relatively low prices and high tourist service make this exotic country very attractive destination for lovers of luxury beach holidays. And many of them do not mind to buy real estate in the Philippines. Indeed home prices in the local market are low, and the occupation of resort property by the sea is very fast. Real estate in the Philippines - without pitfalls It is quite simple for foreigners to become owners of pr... « More »

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Are you interested in real estate in Turkey as an investment? As is known, over the years of the crisis the decline in prices of real estate in Turkey was not as rapid as in some other countries of the Mediterranean region. But despite this, the local market is not losing popularity among those who have long dreamed of a house on the sea or have searched for long-term investment tools. After all, the stability of the market is the guarantee that the property owners have properly invested their free capital in order to protect it from inflation. Real estate in Turkey is increasing its price - your income ... « More »

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Real estate in Poland - great prospects for the business In recent years, real estate in Poland is of great interest both for large and for small investors from abroad. It is very easy to explain such popularity of the market of this European country. Firstly, Poland - a country with a relatively high standards of living, economic development and huge opportunities for successful business. And secondly, you can buy property here from the owner and directly from the builder – the good thing is that currently there is an active new construction in many Polish cities. Buying real estate in Poland as a... « More »

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Real estate in Costa Dorada - a worthy choice in Spain Spain has long interested in not only many tourists, but also foreign investors in real estate. There is a simple explanation for this - a high standard of living, a comfortable climate, interesting history and architecture of the Middle Ages, and affordable prices in addition to all. This hospitable country meets a huge number of visitors to its scenic coastline, including Costa Dorada. This country’s "Golden Coast" of the Mediterranean is located to the south of the famous Barcelona. The so called coast should necessarily have pure gol... « More »

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