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Real estate in Korea

Real estate in Korea: the rise in prices, the growth in demand Over the past few years, the demand for real estate in Korea from foreign buyers has increased dramatically. The prices in the local market are also steadily increasing. But the popularity of the local housing market is not only due to a steady rise in property prices, but also to a state level of the control over the real estate segment in the country. And this, in turn, practically eliminates the dramatic increase in the cost of housing in Korea, as well as eventual emergence of a market bubble. Real estate in Korea: investing in holiday ho... « More »

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Real estate in the Netherlands at an attractive price Netherlands - one of the most developed and stable countries in the world, which is in the top five among the best social security states in the world. But real estate in the Netherlands is in high demand among foreign buyers not only because of this. It’s because the Dutch market was at least affected by the negative effects of the global financial crisis. Moreover, real estate prices in the capital and in other major cities of the country have never been artificially inflated and are still available on many levels. Foreigners can easily purcha... « More »

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Real estate in Qatar - available for foreigners Few years ago, Qatar was completely closed to foreigners; today the country is one of the most attractive emirates for foreign investments. Of course, the residential real estate in Qatar enjoys great demand from investors. Namely - the real estate in the capital Doha. This is not surprising, because the economy of the emirate is growing with each year, and the per capita income here - the highest in the region. All this is due to the excellent investment opportunities, as well as the fact that Qatar is one of the world's largest gas exporters. Real est... « More »

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Real estate in Malta: a luxury vacation, luxury life A miniature State of Malta - one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Mediterranean mild climate, high quality of life, a variety of possibilities for a luxury holiday or a successful business development - only a small part of the reasons why many people buy real estate in Malta. And if you add to all this that the economy of Malta - one of the most developed and stable, the attractiveness of the country's housing market is understandable. Real estate in Malta - a haven for wealthy investors The name "Malta" is in the a... « More »

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