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Real estate in China

How real estate in China attracts foreigners? Real estate in China - one of the most attractive segments of the global market. And this popular investment (namely the investment in commercial facilities and housing in China) is easy to explain. Firstly, it is a stable, ever-growing Chinese economy, which even the global financial crisis has had no effect. And secondly, the constantly growing prices and rents of properties in major cities in China, with which the local authorities are struggling to cope for several years. Buying real estate in China as a home or as an investment The real estate market ... « More »

Real estate in France

Reasons to buy real estate in France Real estate investments in developed countries of Europe - one of the most common among those who know how and where to properly invest funds available. In relation to this France is one of the most attractive markets. Real estate in France, especially housing and commercial facilities in the capital or magnificent sea and ski resorts, are of great interest to large investors and private buyers. The benefits of investing in real estate in France Despite the fact that housing in France - not among the cheapest treats, however this market each year attracts a growing... « More »

Real estate in the Dominican Republic

Real Estate in the Dominican Republic: a paradise life is reality! The transparent waters of the Caribbean, unspoiled beaches with growing coconut palms directly from the sand, gentle sunshine and everlasting summer - isn't this a paradise? This paradise could become a reality. All you need to do is just to buy a real estate in the Dominican Republic! Of course, you cannot give up on all of this, having the means and desire. Moreover, the funds needed for the purchase of housing in the Dominican Republic are not so great – not more than to purchase an apartment in a European capital. Holiday re... « More »

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Real Estate in Argentina as a profitable investment Argentina - one of the fastest growing and economically stable countries in South America. The real estate in Argentina is one of the most attractive for investments in the region. Foreign buyers on the local market are attracted not only by more affordable real estate prices but also by the wide range of offers in any market segment. The country has a low inflation and gives practically unlimited opportunities for development and successful business. Why is profitable to buy real estate in Argentina at this moment? At present, the Argentine real est... « More »

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