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Real estate in Cambodia

Foreigners can easily buy real estate in Cambodia If Vietnamese and Thai resorts have long been a favorite destination for millions, beach holidays in Cambodia are just started to become popular. Along with the increase of the tourist flow in the Indo-China kingdom is growing a number of those, who buy real estate in Cambodia. It is quite simple for foreigners to become owners of housing on the sea or to buy property in the capital. There is only one condition - acquired property must be located above the first floor. Real estate, situated on the ground floor, can be rented for ninety-nine years or bought i... « More »

Real estate in the Philippines

How real estate in the Philippines attracts foreign investors? Philippines include more than seven thousand islands, which are part of the Malay Archipelago. The favorable mild climate, relatively low prices and high tourist service make this exotic country very attractive destination for lovers of luxury beach holidays. And many of them do not mind to buy real estate in the Philippines. Indeed home prices in the local market are low, and the occupation of resort property by the sea is very fast. Real estate in the Philippines - without pitfalls It is quite simple for foreigners to become owners of pr... « More »

Real estate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Real estate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - an excellent offer in Spain A large number of worthy proposals on the property market in Spain has always encouraged foreign investors. The country has a stable economic and political system. It is interesting as a tourist destination and the quality of life and infrastructure in the country is at a prestigious level. Holiday regions of Spain, in particular - the islands, enjoy the greatest demand among foreigners, both tourists and property investors. One of the most famous is the resort of Las Palmas, located in the north-eastern part of the island of Gran Canar... « More »

Real estate in Mallorca

Real estate in Mallorca - one of the best islands of Spain Property in Spain has always been interesting for investment, because it is quality housing in the prestigious, economically sustainable state. Tourist interest in the country is also very high, because its territory has not only a great climate, but a rich architecture, nature and many attractions. Islands belonging to Spain are also very popular. There's great weather, gorgeous scenery and, as a rule, an interesting old towns. The largest island of Mallorca among the Balearic Islands, with its capital of Palma de Mallorca - the most popular pl... « More »

Real estate in Estepona

Real estate in Estepona - an excellent choice in Spain Spain stands among the prestigious countries as one of the tourism business leaders with affordable services. The medieval charm of the old regions of Spain on the background of the colorful nature and comfortable climate makes the country attractive not only from a tourist point of view, but also for a permanent residence. Regions for this purpose in the country abound, but, of course, the most interesting places are concentrated on the coasts. One of the most popular - the Costa del Sol. There is a well-known resort of Estepona, located 26 kilometers ... « More »

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