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Real estate in the Netherlands

Real estate in the Netherlands at an attractive price Netherlands - one of the most developed and stable countries in the world, which is in the top five among the best social security states in the world. But real estate in the Netherlands is in high demand among foreign buyers not only because of this. It’s because the Dutch market was at least affected by the negative effects of the global financial crisis. Moreover, real estate prices in the capital and in other major cities of the country have never been artificially inflated and are still available on many levels. Foreigners can easily purcha... « More »

Real estate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Real estate in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - an excellent offer in Spain A large number of worthy proposals on the property market in Spain has always encouraged foreign investors. The country has a stable economic and political system. It is interesting as a tourist destination and the quality of life and infrastructure in the country is at a prestigious level. Holiday regions of Spain, in particular - the islands, enjoy the greatest demand among foreigners, both tourists and property investors. One of the most famous is the resort of Las Palmas, located in the north-eastern part of the island of Gran Canar... « More »

Real estate in Latvia

Buy real estate in Latvia and unravel its mysteries The atmosphere of modern times and the Middle Ages, the measured rhythm of European life and echoes of the recent socialist past, Riga balsam and amber... Of course, we are talking about such a close and yet so mysterious Latvia. In order to unravel the mysteries of this country, it is not enough to come here on vacation. But those, who bought or will buy real estate in Latvia, are fully able to come into contact with the history and traditions of this country of "Scandinavian" climate and Slavic hospitality. Real estate in Latvia - not only h... « More »

Real estate in Egypt

Real Estate in Egypt - a vacation at any time of the year Egypt hardly needs an introduction or advertising. A country is located on the Sinai Peninsula and has long been a favorite destination of millions of tourists. Of course, many of them do not mind to buy real estate in Egypt. After all, their own apartment, a house or even a small studio in the country will allow them to spend their holidays at any time of the year. Note that in Egypt there is no winter, because even then the temperature averages 25 degrees! Buying real estate in Egypt for investment It's not a secret that Egypt - one of th... « More »

Rentals in Greece

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