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Real estate in Luxembourg

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real estate luxembourg

Real estate in Luxembourg, in the Grand Duchy

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - really a small country nestled in the heart of Europe. But despite the small occupied territory, it is an important financial center, and the real estate in Luxembourg enjoys a very high demand from foreign buyers. Not surprisingly, every third inhabitant of this state - a foreigner. And for a country whose population does not even reach one million, it is a very high index.

Buying real estate in Luxembourg, the country of all the best

In Luxembourg there is no sea, there is no production and no industry, but exactly that country has one of the highest living standards in the world and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Benelux Union. After all, Luxembourg is a country of banks and bankers, which are attracted by the lowest taxes. Property owners in Luxembourg and natives can rightly be called one of the most rich people, because the cost of lodging in the capital of this small country - one of the highest in Europe.

Real estate in Luxembourg - not just castles

Translated from the old German, the name Luxembourg means "small castle". But within this country are situated not just castles, but also the most diverse residential and commercial real estate. Buying a home in Luxembourg from the builder, especially at the stage of excavation, is problematic not only because of high prices, but also because the number of such offers in this small country is very limited. The reason for that - the shortage of land suitable for a new construction. Luxembourg is deservedly called “one of the greenest countries in Europe” - one-third of a small area of the duchy is covered by forests!

How to become an owner of property in Luxembourg

In order to become an owner of housing in Luxembourg - in the capital or other cities of the country, you must have the desire and the necessary funds for the purchase. Moreover, in Luxembourg there is no estate tax, but there is an income tax on the property. As mentioned above, property prices are quite high, but the registration of real estate transactions is not much different from other European countries. The whole procedure of sale and purchase of a property and land in Luxembourg is necessarily accompanied by the realtor and lawyer.

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