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Real estate in Cambodia

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10.623800277710000 103.509002685550000 19 Flat / Apartment $ 190 000 797129
Flat / Apartment
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$ 190 000
1 863 $/m2
102 m2
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Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
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real estate Cambodia

Foreigners can easily buy real estate in Cambodia

If Vietnamese and Thai resorts have long been a favorite destination for millions, beach holidays in Cambodia are just started to become popular. Along with the increase of the tourist flow in the Indo-China kingdom is growing a number of those, who buy real estate in Cambodia. It is quite simple for foreigners to become owners of housing on the sea or to buy property in the capital. There is only one condition - acquired property must be located above the first floor. Real estate, situated on the ground floor, can be rented for ninety-nine years or bought in the name of a company, registered in the country.

How real estate in Cambodia attract buyers?

There are a lot of advantages of real estate market in Cambodia - first of all it is a stable economic development. As you know, each developing country has future perspectives, in particular, you could earn on the rise in property prices in Cambodia. On the other hand, growing tourist flows are increasing the demand for rental housing in Cambodia. Rentier business in the country is becoming quite profitable in the capital and in major cities in Cambodia, as well as in the beautiful seaside resorts of the Gulf of Siam.

Holiday real estate in Cambodia – not only a pleasant purchase

Houses on the sea and apartments in the resorts on the coast of Thai Gulf attract those, who are tired of the noise and mad rhythm of megapolises. Despite many tourists, there are still a huge number of places, which have long been untouched by European man. For example, in a small town of Kep, where are almost no tourists, the water is very clear and transparent, and the volcanic sand is black. Or, conversely, you can buy a home on the popular among divers Koh Tang and not only to relax, but also to earn by letting property for rent.

Property in Cambodia as a first home

Cambodia - a warm country, which has become a first home to many foreigners. The housing in the capital of Cambodia - Phnom Penh enjoys the highest demand among these kinds of buyers. Once this city was one of the most beautiful cities in the French colonial Asia, today – it is a modern metropolis with all benefits of civilization and capabilities for various businesses. The number of sites here is really huge!

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