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Most read articles

Real estate in Barcelona

Real estate in Barcelona - a very worthy investment in the future Spain is very beautiful and pleases not only with a vivid nature and a comfortable climate, but by its medieval architecture that is very well preserved. These, of course, are not all the benefits of Spain. It is important to note that this country has a stable economic and political situation and is one of the most prestigious in Europe. Spain interested with its major cities on the coast, as it is an interesting combination of mega-cities with resort lifestyle. A striking example - the popular Barcelona. Real Estate in Barcelona - a worthy... « More »

Homes in Germany

Real estate in Canada

Real estate in Canada: “safe haven” or a new house? Real estate in Canada - one of the most demanded in the world. Local housing enjoys the high demand among the most powerful people in the world and those with more modest financial possibilities. But if for the first Canadian market of luxury housing becomes a “safe haven” - reliable protection of capital against inflation and crisis, the second are buying local houses and apartments in order to move to permanent residence in the country with the highest standard of living and social protection. Holiday real estate in Canada - pr... « More »

Real estate in China

How real estate in China attracts foreigners? Real estate in China - one of the most attractive segments of the global market. And this popular investment (namely the investment in commercial facilities and housing in China) is easy to explain. Firstly, it is a stable, ever-growing Chinese economy, which even the global financial crisis has had no effect. And secondly, the constantly growing prices and rents of properties in major cities in China, with which the local authorities are struggling to cope for several years. Buying real estate in China as a home or as an investment The real estate market ... « More »

Real estate in Elche

Real estate in Elche - an excellent opportunity to live in Spain Spanish property is popular in the world market due to its quality, style and affordable prices. The infrastructure in Spain at a high level, and the medieval architecture, which is well preserved, perfectly complements the picture and gives Spain some romance and enigma. Not all the important tourist cities are located directly on the beach. For example, the city of Elche in the province of Alicante. Real estate in Elche - an excellent opportunity to live in Spain. Real estate in Elche, an overview of attractions The main hallmark of t... « More »

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