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Residential Complex, Pobeda, Varna city, Varna, Bulgaria

Price ( USD ) 4060214 43.221637091420000 27.899430330658000 15
Residential Complex LABYRINTH - No commission from byer!
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$ 62 477
770 $/m2
$ 191 872
926 $/m2
Floor area
69.61 m2
240.23 m2
Number of free properties


LABYRINTH - No commission from byer!


Peace, security and harmonious living environment. And what’s even better – in the central part of the city. That was our plan all along since when we first started designing Labyrinth Residential Complex. And we succeeded:

Six residential buildings, immersed in verdancy and comfort; with 24-hour security and limited access.

Spacious homes with real-size rooms. All of them have favorable geographic orientation. A parking lot, sufficient enough to meet the needs of modern families often having more than one car.

The concept

The concept of the residential complex is inspired by the idea of the Meander – an ancient geometric pattern constructed from a continuous line, which bends orthogonal in different directions and shapes a repeated motif. The abstract nature of the ornament creates a specific geometric accent. It symbolizes the laws of nature, its cyclicity and reproduction.

The Meander looks equally well both in graphic and plastic (three-dimensional) form. The name "meander" derives from the ancient name of the river Meander, whose riverbed represents an endless series of long-winded turns. Meander is an element that has been commonly used throughout the ages - the Roman, the Byzantine, the Classical, the Victorian, the Art Deco.

Inspired by the strong influence of the Meander, we designed a distinguishable residential complex, subjected to the clarity and purity of geometry. All apartments have a favorable orientation. Only 18% of the facade walls are facing north. Any other urban solution would have multiplied the percentage of homes across the north, northeast and northwest exposition. We have created a modern architectural ensemble of six buildings, united in a rich park area with a well-designed and organized infrastructure. The water park in the middle of the green area corresponds with the initial idea of the unique natural phenomenon – the Meander.

Main Advantages and Characteristics

• All construction indicators provided in the detailed development plan have been followed. The development is not focused on a quantitative, but on a qualitative method of construction.

• A modern ensemble of buildings is created for a year-round occupancy, corresponding to the modern standards for functionality, aesthetics and space, at a reasonable price.

• The development offers buildings with high-quality design and functionality, situated among lush verdancy, with convenient communication and comfort for living.

• The project provides the real opportunity of being realized incrementally, if necessary - from one to six stages of construction, without any decrease in the comfort of the buildings that were already build.

• Minimum building density - only 20% - which provides a large area for landscaping.

•  A central courtyard is planned, merging with a park full of greenery and landscaped with children’s playgrounds, water areas and recreation and relaxation areas.

• The service areas of the complex are situated near the entrance to reduce the risk of overpopulating the complex with outside visitors and to provide a better living comfort.

• The design meets the requirements for accessible environment.

•  Rectangular functional scheme meets the maximum requirements of modern living.

•  All apartments are designed with favorable exposure and have a residential status.

•  A maximum uniformity of the buildings (the blocks of apartments), which leads to a better architectural ensemble and composition.

• Achieving a low cost design and construction because of the identical housing units.

• The parking is provided on the property’s  periphery and in an underground parking lot, without disturbing the comfort of living.  

• Achieving contemporary design of the buildings with accessible  materials and shapes.

The Labyrinth Residential Complex consists of six identical buildings, each with an entrance and with nine floors above the ground.

There are 239 apartments:

48 of them have one bedroom

166 of them have two bedrooms

25 of them have three bedrooms

The apartments are finished in accordance with the  Bulgarian State Standard, but we provide the option to complete them into “turnkey apartments”.   

What makes it different?

The housing complex is situated on an area of 12,145 m2, of which only 2,400 m2 are built up. The remaining area is intended for planting, children’s playgrounds and recreation zones with water areas.  

The materials and the design provide the maximum quality of life. An optimal size of the premises, mainly homes with 2 and 3 bedrooms - all with a favorable geographical location.

The Buildings

All construction indicators provided in the detailed development plan have been followed. The development is more focused on a qualitative, rather than on a quantitative method of construction. A modern ensemble of buildings, created for a year-round occupancy corresponding to the modern standards for functionality, aesthetics and space, at a reasonable price.

Level of Completion

The "Labyrinth" residential complex consists of six identical buildings, each with one entrance and nine floors above the ground – with high-quality design and functionality. They consist of 239 apartments, which are offered completed in accordance with the Bulgarian State Standard, or at a turnkey level of completion.


Controlled access.

24-hour video surveillance and security guards;

Water areas, recreation areas and children’s playground;

There are 334 parking spaces provided, 199 of them – in an underground parking lot.

For maintenance of the common areas, each owner shall pay a monthly fee of BGN 0.65 for every square meter of their property.  

With certificate of occupancy!

Street/ Popular place
9 Academic Andrey Saharov Str.
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No buyer fees
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New construction
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Parking lot Underground parking
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+359 882 662 666
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