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Real Estate in Slovenia

Why to buy real estate in Slovenia? Many buyers and investors, planning to enter the European markets, are increasingly thinking on the fact to buy real estate in Slovenia. And they are easy to understand. Indeed this country, in spite of its small size and population - one of the most developed and stable. And the fact that Slovenia is bordered by Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria makes it more than attractive as a place of development and doing business in Europe, which also attract investors in residential and commercial sites and buyers of second and first resort houses. Holiday real estate in Slov... « More »

Real estate in Bulgaria

Real estate in Bulgaria – a good deal Bulgaria is a colorful country, with beautiful nature, which offers high quality service at European level. The Black Sea coast is particularly popular among foreign property investors, because the real estate in Bulgaria is one of the most affordable in Europe. This is a good deal, because the country is suitable for permanent residence, and people are friendly to foreigners. Current information about real estate in Bulgaria in terms of buying The Black Sea coast is always topical when searching for a new home, as well as the country's capital - Sofia. ... « More »

Real estate in Turkey

Are you interested in real estate in Turkey as an investment? As is known, over the years of the crisis the decline in prices of real estate in Turkey was not as rapid as in some other countries of the Mediterranean region. But despite this, the local market is not losing popularity among those who have long dreamed of a house on the sea or have searched for long-term investment tools. After all, the stability of the market is the guarantee that the property owners have properly invested their free capital in order to protect it from inflation. Real estate in Turkey is increasing its price - your income ... « More »

Real estate in Panama

Who is attracted to real estate in Panama? Panama - one of the most important financial centers of the world and the largest free trade zone. Not surprisingly, real estate in Panama enjoys a very high demand among foreign buyers. Indeed, this country attracts both those who seek to establish their own successful business and those who search for a free capital protection. In addition, Panama is located in the very popular area among lovers of beach holidays, which makes local housing very attractive to those who annually spend their vacation in the resorts of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Real estate... « More »

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