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Real estate in the Seychelles

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real estate Seychelles

How real estate in the Seychelles attracts buyers?

Seychelles - an island country, which lies in the south-western Indian Ocean near Madagascar. The Seychelles islands need no introduction from those who used to enjoy more than a quiet and relaxing holiday surrounded by nature. In recent years, the country attracts those who are planning to buy real estate in the Seychelles. Indeed here is an offshore zone (tax free) and the conditions for registration of foreign firms is rather simplified, such as for property buyers in the Seychelles.

How foreigners may acquire real estate in the Seychelles?

Any foreigner may become a property owner in the Seychelles. Purchase a property in this exotic country can be both physical and legal persons. Local law also offers tax incentives to foreign property owners. At the same time, there is no restriction on the number of properties, which may be possessed by a non-citizen. Moreover, having a house on the sea in the Seychelles, a foreigner is quite easy to get and resident visa.

Expensive or cheap real estate in the Seychelles?

The term "affordable housing" in the Seychelles is almost nonexistent. This heavenly place has long been chosen by the most powerful in the world - the oligarchs and magnates, politicians, international sport and movie stars... And, of course, things for which they are prepared to pay a lot of money correspond to the highest level. When it comes to the villa, it is really more than a luxury house on the sea, and if it comes to the apartment - it will be a very high-end housing in the complex with complete infrastructure. But the local market quite often offers some relatively inexpensive properties.

Lodging in Seychelles - the dream of divers and honeymooners

The Seychelles are not in vain called a paradise for divers - the country consists of one hundred and fifteen granite and coral islands. Having your own house on the sea in the Seychelles - the dream of any lover of the underwater world. In addition, these islands attract honeymooners like a magnet - because this is where they get the absolute calmness far away from civilization. A lot of them (of course, those who have the financial ability) are buying apartments from the owners or houses from the builder in the Seychelles, and remain in this paradise forever.

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