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Real estate in the Netherlands

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Real estate Netherlands

Real estate in the Netherlands at an attractive price

Netherlands - one of the most developed and stable countries in the world, which is in the top five among the best social security states in the world. But real estate in the Netherlands is in high demand among foreign buyers not only because of this. It’s because the Dutch market was at least affected by the negative effects of the global financial crisis. Moreover, real estate prices in the capital and in other major cities of the country have never been artificially inflated and are still available on many levels.

Foreigners can easily purchase real estate in the Netherlands

Among the attractive features of the property in the Netherlands cannot be mentioned the fact that buying a home in this European country from foreigners - quite simple and fast procedure. Purchase and sale deals of lodging or commercial properties in the Netherlands are accompanied by a realtor and a notary. The home ownership does not give foreigners the right to automatically obtain a residence permit, but it gets benefits to the owners – they can apply for a multi Schengen visa.

Real estate in the Netherlands - investing in the future

The purchase of property in the Netherlands - not just an investment in a stable financial future, but also an investment in the future of your children. Higher education in the Netherlands - one of the most prestigious in Europe. The cost of education in the Netherlands and the prices for so-called student apartments and houses in the Netherlands are much lower in comparison with other European countries. At the same time, student housing in Utrecht, the city of students, or in the Hague will serve not only as a home to your children during their study, but in the future can become a reliable source of income - the demand for such real estate in the rental market here is very high.

Why do the purchase of property in the Netherlands will be always profitable for the owners?

Advantages of having your own house in the Netherlands are very much. In the first place, the owners of apartments or houses in the capital or in a picturesque province are able to reliably protect their capital from inflation and to bring additional income from the rental or resale. Besides, they have a chance to develop their own business and to reside in secure, economically developed and stable country with an excellent environment.

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