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real estate Panama

Who is attracted to real estate in Panama?

Panama - one of the most important financial centers of the world and the largest free trade zone. Not surprisingly, real estate in Panama enjoys a very high demand among foreign buyers. Indeed, this country attracts both those who seek to establish their own successful business and those who search for a free capital protection. In addition, Panama is located in the very popular area among lovers of beach holidays, which makes local housing very attractive to those who annually spend their vacation in the resorts of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Real estate in Panama as a first or second home

Beautiful environment, high standard of living, security for investments - only a small part of the reasons why many homebuyers in Panama are moving for a permanent residence here. You can also add favorable climate conditions to the advantages of having a house in Panama. It is better to see once than to describe the picturesque islands, which belong to Panama, with their clear waters and white sand. Even those who have an apartment or house in Panama as a summer residence abroad can enjoy this beauty in any convenient time of the year!

What kind of real estate in Panama enjoys great demand among foreigners

In Panama, the choice of housing is quite diverse. You can buy almost everything, depending on individual goals and financial possibilities of the future owners. The choice of those who do not plan to stay in the country for a longer period of time is widely ranged between apartments and condos in modern residential complexes on the sea. Those who choose to change a residence and settle in Panama or to develop their own business here, prefer to buy apartments in the capital or private houses in luxury cottages. Let us note that in Panama you can buy property by the owner, but also personally to involve in construction.

Buying property in Panama - without any foreclosures

Foreign citizens are allowed to purchase in Panama any residential and commercial properties. The only restriction - the purchase of real estate, located closer than ten miles to the border with Costa Rica and Colombia, is prohibited. There are no restrictions for the rest. Foreign buyers can either invest in second homes or buy property from the builder at any stage of the construction, even for the purpose of resale or rent.

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