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Real estate in the Netherlands

Real estate in the Netherlands at an attractive price Netherlands - one of the most developed and stable countries in the world, which is in the top five among the best social security states in the world. But real estate in the Netherlands is in high demand among foreign buyers not only because of this. It’s because the Dutch market was at least affected by the negative effects of the global financial crisis. Moreover, real estate prices in the capital and in other major cities of the country have never been artificially inflated and are still available on many levels. Foreigners can easily purcha... « More »

Real estate in UAE

Buying real estate in the UAE: the country of eternal summer... It is very difficult to find a person who would not dream to have a house in a place, where it's always warm and sunny. Nowadays people from different parts of the world strive to make this dreams reality. Indeed, why postpone the fulfillment of desires when you can buy real estate in the UAE - where it is always a summer...Especially because in the Emirates, one of the richest regions in the world, there are almost no restrictions for foreign buyers. Advantages of investment in real estate in the UAE? Today’s leaders in many ec... « More »

Real estate in Thailand

Prices of real estate in Thailand - one of the most attractive factors for buyers Recently real estate in Thailand has become increasingly popular among buyers looking for profitable long-term investment instruments and those for whom this warm country has become a favorite holiday destination. Both of them can easily find here what they need, not only because of the huge number of offers, but also due to more affordable prices of housing and commercial facilities. The process of buying real estate here is quite simple, without any strict requirements and restrictions for foreigners. Buying real estate i... « More »

Real estate in Mexico

Who is attracted by real estate in Mexico? If you are an exotic lover and prefer to spend your holidays annually on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, so you do not need the representation of this colorful country of contrasts, the ancient and still a mysterious Mexico. And maybe you are even one of those who already own real estate in Mexico? After all, in recent years on the local market are entering not only wealthy investors looking for new opportunities for long-term investments, but also the so-called private buyers of vacation homes in Mexico. Real estate in Mexico on the sea Currently, o... « More »

Real estate in Germany

Real estate in Germany – invest today, profit tomorrow The real estate in Germany traditionally attracts foreigners - private and big investors, who know how to earn and how to spend money. One of the most popular cities in the country for investment and for permanent residence is the wonderful town of Berlin. Purchasing real estate in the capital is considered not only a high standard of living and a huge perspective in social and business plan. It is a promising investment instrument, which will be valuable in every crisis. How a foreigner can buy a real estate in Germany? The procedure for pu... « More »

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