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Real estate in Mexico

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19.426043730002000 -99.191229162305000 14 Flat / Apartment $ 1 400 000 3684232
Flat / Apartment
  • for sale
$ 1 400 000
7 000 $/m2
200 m2
Total area
Last Updated: 28 days ago
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Private owner
55 51556656
21.098428675312000 -89.588004487003000 14 Building plot $ 73 974 3036869
Building plot
  • for sale
$ 73 974
45 $/m2
1640 m2
Total area
Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Details >>
Private owner
32.568584442138670 -116.634696960449220 14 Building plot $ 7 000 000 2883631
Building plot
  • for sale
$ 7 000 000
88 $/m2
80000 m2
Total area
Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Details >>
Private owner
+52 019933064106


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real estate in Mexico

Who is attracted by real estate in Mexico?

If you are an exotic lover and prefer to spend your holidays annually on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, so you do not need the representation of this colorful country of contrasts, the ancient and still a mysterious Mexico. And maybe you are even one of those who already own real estate in Mexico? After all, in recent years on the local market are entering not only wealthy investors looking for new opportunities for long-term investments, but also the so-called private buyers of vacation homes in Mexico.

Real estate in Mexico on the sea

Currently, one of the most attractive places to buy holiday home is Mexico is Riviera Maya. After all, the owners of property in this region of Mexico can not only enjoy a great beach holiday, go diving, but can also get in touch with the ancient history of the Maya. For example, you can purchase a house in Tulum, whose beaches are among the best in the country, and around which there are a variety of archaeological excavations. Or in no less popular and comfortable place in Riviera Maya – called Playa del Carmen...

How to buy real estate in Mexico for a joy, not for a burden

Currently, the property market in Mexico, as well as the country itself, can be called a very, very contrasting. You can find everything - modern skyscrapers and half destroyed huts, new developments and a lot of illegal buildings, on which you can come across during the purchase of property. In addition, potential buyers of housing in Mexico should know that in this country each can become a realtor - special laws on this still does not exist. Therefore, in order to buy a house or an apartment for a joy, not for a burden, the transaction should be concluded only by a proven company.

Property in Mexico, the pros

So, along with the big plus to have a house in Mexico, there are also disadvantages. The first of them - you can buy a home only in certain areas. But there is another, positive factor – there is a special system that allows you legally to become the owner of the property in closed areas. The advantage of the purchase of real estate in such a zone is that the owners can not only great to spend their holidays at the sea, but also to earn extra income by renting their holiday homes or apartments during their absence from the country.

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