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Real estate on the Canary Islands

Real estate on the Canary Islands - a worthy choice for a profitable investment Spain can be proud of its many islands, which attract crowds of foreign tourists from around the world. Among the most popular - the Canary Islands. Real estate on the Canary Islands - a worthy choice for a profitable investment in Spanish real estate. Real estate on the Canary Islands, an overview Most of the islands have a mild climate with an average temperature in the winter of 22 degrees, in the summer of 27, and the average water temperature in winter 18 and in the summer 22 degrees. All the islands are connected by ... « More »

Real estate in Costa Blanca

Real estate in Costa Blanca - an interesting option for investment in Spain Spain - a prestigious and successful European state that holds the spirit of the Middle Ages. It has always attracted tourists and property investors. Mostly all of them are interested in the coastal areas of the country, where there are excellent climatic conditions and an infrastructure. One of these demanded resort regions of the country - the Costa Blanca, located on the Mediterranean Sea. Real estate in Costa Blanca - an interesting option for investment in Spain, since the prices are loyal, and the climate is particularly warm... « More »

Commercial Real Estate Vienna

Real estate in UAE

Buying real estate in the UAE: the country of eternal summer... It is very difficult to find a person who would not dream to have a house in a place, where it's always warm and sunny. Nowadays people from different parts of the world strive to make this dreams reality. Indeed, why postpone the fulfillment of desires when you can buy real estate in the UAE - where it is always a summer...Especially because in the Emirates, one of the richest regions in the world, there are almost no restrictions for foreign buyers. Advantages of investment in real estate in the UAE? Today’s leaders in many ec... « More »

Real estate in Korea

Real estate in Korea: the rise in prices, the growth in demand Over the past few years, the demand for real estate in Korea from foreign buyers has increased dramatically. The prices in the local market are also steadily increasing. But the popularity of the local housing market is not only due to a steady rise in property prices, but also to a state level of the control over the real estate segment in the country. And this, in turn, practically eliminates the dramatic increase in the cost of housing in Korea, as well as eventual emergence of a market bubble. Real estate in Korea: investing in holiday ho... « More »

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