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Real estate in Estonia

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0.000000000000000 0.000000000000000 0 House $ 287 400 172165
  • for sale
$ 287 400
1 661 $/m2
180 m2
1050 m2
Total area
Building plot
Last Updated: 3 days ago
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Private owner
+372 58181275
59.428878050515000 24.697686266279000 16 Store $ 2 299 200 4311746
  • for sale
  • Retail Store
  • Department Store
$ 2 299 200
1 533 $/m2
1500 m2
2500 m2
Total area
Building plot
Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
Details >>
Private owner
61.524010000000000 105.318756000000000 4 Room/ Part of a dwelling $ 78 173 4262324
Room/ Part of a dwelling
  • for sale
$ 78 173
977 $/m2
80 m2
Total area
Last Updated: more than 2 weeks
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Private owner


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Real estate in Estonia

Real estate in Estonia - a real window to Europe

Estonia - a small country located in the north-east of Europe, has long been a favorite destination of hundreds of thousands of foreigners. The measured rhythm of life, a pretty high standard, good food, friendly locals and affordable cost of living - additional factors that attract foreign nationals. To all this you can add that prices of real estate in Estonia can rightly be called one of the most affordable in the region. All of the mentioned advantages make this country a real window to Europe, allowing both wealthy investors and people with modest financial means to enter the local housing market.

Buy real estate in Estonia - the right to invest

Estonia has a very favorable geographic location, and the fact that the country is on the Baltic Sea is greatly contributes to the economic growth of this country. Property market in Estonia is actively developing, making it one of the most desirable destinations for foreign investments in the Baltic States. Last but not least, the fact that Estonia, or more precisely its capital Tallinn, became the headquarters of IT-agency of the European Union. In addition, in Tallinn is situated NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence. All this is an indication that the Estonian real estate market is very attractive for large multinational companies.

How can a foreigner buy real estate in Estonia?

The process of buying houses on the sea in Estonia or an apartment in the capital is no different from the order of the acquisition of property in other countries. The first step - is to choose the property and sign the contract for sale and purchase, which is a mandatory notarized. In addition, the notary will check the proper preparation of the contract. This is especially important when real estate is acquired without the presence of intermediary, but directly from the owner or builder in Estonia.

Benefits of having a house in Estonia

Housing in Estonia - is not just available window to Europe. Beach properties in Estonia, apartments in the cities and in the capital, cozy houses by the lake - all this is the right capital investment. The lodging market in the country is developing, prices are rising and along with this are growing incomes of the Estonian real estate owners. After all, even the so-called holiday home can bring high rental income to its owners, not to mention the residential and commercial buildings in Tallinn.

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