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Real estate in the Dominican Republic

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real estate in the Dominican Republic

Real Estate in the Dominican Republic: a paradise life is reality!

The transparent waters of the Caribbean, unspoiled beaches with growing coconut palms directly from the sand, gentle sunshine and everlasting summer - isn't this a paradise? This paradise could become a reality. All you need to do is just to buy a real estate in the Dominican Republic! Of course, you cannot give up on all of this, having the means and desire. Moreover, the funds needed for the purchase of housing in the Dominican Republic are not so great – not more than to purchase an apartment in a European capital.

Holiday real estate in the Dominican Republic or a permanent residence?

Real estate market in the Dominican Republic in the first place attracts those who prefer to spend their holidays on the Caribbean. But this part of the islands of Haiti attracts those who dreamed to move to a permanent residence to a place with everlasting summer and endless expanses of water. It's quite easy to do this. Buyers of apartments from the owner or the builder in the Dominican Republic can get a residence permit in the country.

Real estate in the Dominican Republic as a perspective investment

Buying a home in a country, where prefer to rest the most powerful people in the world - not only prestigious purchase, but also a very perspective investment that can pay off in the shortest possible terms. The owners of a real estate by the sea in the Dominican Republic have a double benefit. On the one hand, having even a small apartment on the coast allow owners stay much longer and more economically than other tourists. On the other hand, they can also earn during their vacation. After all, during the absence from the country, holiday houses and apartments can always rent out!

How foreigners to become owners of property in the Dominican Republic?

It is quite simple for foreigners to acquire a property in the Dominican Republic. In order to purchase a non-resident only need to have a valid passport and the necessary amount of money. Buying a house in the Dominican Republic can be both from the owner and directly from the builder - the local laws do not prohibit it. Besides finished houses, non-residents may invest in housing under construction, as well as to acquire already operating businesses.

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