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Real estate in Belgium

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real estate Belgium

How real estate in Belgium attracts foreigners?

Belgium is economically and politically stable European country that is characterized by high standard of living. There is nothing surprising in the fact that real estate in Belgium is in great demand among foreign buyers and investors. After all, the Belgian real estate market is an excellent tool for protection and increase of the capital. Home buying in the country is the beginning of a new and better life and the first step for establishing your own business.

Real Estate in Belgium as the first step for a permanent place of residence

Most of the foreign buyers in Belgium are those, who plan to reside permanently in a country that is a member of the European Union. The business-immigration system here is very simple. For a start, foreigners need only to buy a property from the owner or the builder that can be used as a legal address of the future company. At the same time, founders of companies in Belgium can be both residents and citizens of third countries.

Real Estate in Belgium as a reliable capital protection

The housing market in Belgium - this is not just buying a first or a second home. It is reliable, already traditional investment tool that is protecting the free capital from inflation and crisis, and increasing the welfare of their respective owners. Housing prices and rental prices in the capital, as well as in other major cities of Belgium, are steadily growing. Even if the purpose of buying a property in this country is to reside permanently or to develop business, the owners will always be sure of their prosperous financial future.

Buying a house in Belgium on the secondary market or directly from the builder?

The Belgian market is characterized by a very large variety of homes, offered for sale, in a fairly wide price range. Currently, the country has an active new construction, which attracts investors to the local market. After all, you can buy a house in Belgium both already finished and on a different stage of construction, which saves on the difference between the commercial and selling price. The property can be used not only for personal purposes, but also for a profitable resale.

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