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Real estate in Argentina

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Real estate in Germany

Real estate in Germany – invest today, profit tomorrow The real estate in Germany traditionally attracts foreigners - private and big investors, who know how to earn and how to spend money. One of the most popular cities in the country for investment and for permanent residence is the wonderful town of Berlin. Purchasing real estate in the capital is considered not only a high standard of living and a huge perspective in social and business plan. It is a promising investment instrument, which will be valuable in every crisis. How a foreigner can buy a real estate in Germany? The procedure for pu... « More »

Real estate in Tunisia

Real estate in Tunisia: an open market for any investment In the past few years real estate in Tunisia has been in great demand among foreign buyers and investors, as the local market was recently opened up to foreigners. Now this country with a favorable mild climate and great prospects for rapid economic development has not only become a second home or a cottage abroad, but also is a long-term investment tool that is able to protect and increase the capital. How can a foreigner buy real estate in Tunisia? In order to become an owner of a property in Tunisia is quite simple - you need to have only th... « More »

Homes in Italy

Real estate in Poland

Real estate in Poland - great prospects for the business In recent years, real estate in Poland is of great interest both for large and for small investors from abroad. It is very easy to explain such popularity of the market of this European country. Firstly, Poland - a country with a relatively high standards of living, economic development and huge opportunities for successful business. And secondly, you can buy property here from the owner and directly from the builder – the good thing is that currently there is an active new construction in many Polish cities. Buying real estate in Poland as a... « More »

Real estate in Montenegro

Buy real estate in Montenegro - a dream that becomes a reality The sea and the mountains, a great climate and an excellent environment - what else do you need for more than a wonderful holiday in Montenegro? The answer is simple - a private real estate in Montenegro! Because only your own home will make your holiday not only to last longer, but also to be private. Nowadays many people are able to fulfill that dream of a piece of paradise on the shores of the Adriatic Sea - the local housing prices are much lower than in neighboring countries in the region. Real estate in Montenegro - at the sea or in the... « More »

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