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Real estate in Alicante

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Barcelona 35 Alicante 1 782 Malaga 12 Madrid 4 Valencia 142 Canary Islands 115 Mallorca 702
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Real estate on the Canary Islands

Real estate on the Canary Islands - a worthy choice for a profitable investment Spain can be proud of its many islands, which attract crowds of foreign tourists from around the world. Among the most popular - the Canary Islands. Real estate on the Canary Islands - a worthy choice for a profitable investment in Spanish real estate. Real estate on the Canary Islands, an overview Most of the islands have a mild climate with an average temperature in the winter of 22 degrees, in the summer of 27, and the average water temperature in winter 18 and in the summer 22 degrees. All the islands are connected by ... « More »

Real estate in Palma de Mallorca

Real estate in Palma de Mallorca - worthy investment on the islands Spanish realty - worth to invest in all of the country’s territory, but it is especially relevant on the coast and on the islands. These are resort regions visited by crowds of foreign tourists, so – the rental income and tourism business are profitable. Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea - a popular area. Real estate in Palma de Mallorca – the capital of the largest island of Mallorca - the most popular from the proposals on the islands. The city is also the capital of the archipelago. It was founded in 123 BC by t... « More »

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Real Estate in Andorra - a princely investment Andorra is a small country-principality and one of the most popular tourist destinations - a real paradise for winter sports lovers. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that buying a real estate in Andorra is very popular among foreign investors. After all, having a home in this country is not only very prestigious, but also very reliable. Andorra is one of the most stable and developed countries in the region, despite the fact that there is practically no industry and all economy relies on the tourism. Who buys real estate in Andorra? Buyers of h... « More »

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Who is attracted by real estate in Mexico? If you are an exotic lover and prefer to spend your holidays annually on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, so you do not need the representation of this colorful country of contrasts, the ancient and still a mysterious Mexico. And maybe you are even one of those who already own real estate in Mexico? After all, in recent years on the local market are entering not only wealthy investors looking for new opportunities for long-term investments, but also the so-called private buyers of vacation homes in Mexico. Real estate in Mexico on the sea Currently, o... « More »

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