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Real estate in Vietnam

Real Estate in Vietnam: it’s time for buying! The real estate in Vietnam in recent years is very popular among foreign investors and private buyers. This country has great future for both overall economic development and for the development of the real estate market. Due to a new law, foreigners are allowed to buy housing in Vietnam and to invest in land suitable for new construction. Now, while prices of realty and the land are very low, many investors enter the Vietnamese housing market. Buying real estate in Vietnam as a holiday home Of course, first of all, Vietnam is known as one of the mos... « More »

Real estate in Norway

Real estate in Norway, a country with high living standards Norway - the country with the highest standard of living. In spite of the northern location, real estate in Norway enjoys a great demand among foreign buyers. The reason for this is a highly developed economy, almost zero level of corruption and crime, and a high level of social protection. Having a house on one of the Norwegian islands or an apartment in the capital Oslo, allows the owner not only to receive a high standard of living, but also a reliable capital protection - the housing market in Norway is one of the most stable. Real estate in... « More »

Real estate in Alicante

Real estate in Alicante - one of the best offers in Spain There are a lot of wonderful cities in the prestigious and attractive Spain, which are interesting not only to vacationers, but to property buyers, intending to settle on a permanent basis. One of the best offers in Spain – real estate in Alicante. This historic resort town attracts a lot of tourists and property investors due to its outstanding characteristics. Real estate in Alicante, overview of the city The territory of Alicante about 2,500 years ago was a small Iberian settlement, and today – it is one of the largest cities of... « More »

Real estate in Argentina

Real Estate in Argentina as a profitable investment Argentina - one of the fastest growing and economically stable countries in South America. The real estate in Argentina is one of the most attractive for investments in the region. Foreign buyers on the local market are attracted not only by more affordable real estate prices but also by the wide range of offers in any market segment. The country has a low inflation and gives practically unlimited opportunities for development and successful business. Why is profitable to buy real estate in Argentina at this moment? At present, the Argentine real est... « More »

Real estate in New Zealand

Real estate in New Zealand, the Lucky Islands A high standard of living, beautiful nature, first-class sea and ski resorts - what else do you need for a comfortable stay or a regular life on the Lucky Islands? Practically nothing if you have your own real estate in New Zealand. But the market in this country is at a high rate of interest only for those who prefer to spend their holidays here. The New Zealand economy is stable and is constantly evolving. This means that the New Zealand property - a reliable, long-term investment tool that can bring high returns to its owners. Why real estate in New Zealan... « More »

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